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Patch for 3DMark enables operations with 3 or 4 GPUs

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Futuremark announced that they have just released a patch v1.1.0 for the new 3DMark, which as the most important news emphasize the possibility to operate on  the computers with three or four graphics processors. In such situations the tests until now gave less than expected. At first it was thought to be a minor problem in the video drivers, but after months of browsing through 3Dmark Engine they found out that the problem was still in its code.

This also explains why the world records in 3DMark set by Asus and EVGA overclockers were achieved with two and not three or four GeForce Titan cards.

Among other news, Patch v1.1.0 brings additional test Ice Storm Extreme, designed for better testing of tablets, ultra portable and traditional laptops based on Windows 8. Unlike conventional Ice Storm test, which is the least demanding test in 3DMark, Extreme version runs at Full HD resolution (as opposed to 720p) with high quality textures and filtering. This test is available only in 3DMark Advanced and Professional version. Repairs for 3DMark are not available in the form of patches, but users should go directly to Futuremark's official site and re-download the entire benchmark.

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