Saturday04 February 2023

Snapchat security flaws exposed

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After last week experts from Gibson Security found security holes in the application Snapchat, on the internet appeared web page under a name SnapchatDB! where there is allegedly database with usernames of Snapchat users and their associated phone numbers.

We are talking about SQL and CSV files around containing 4.6 million users, with two last digits of theri phone numbers blackened. Owners of the website are not known, but it was emphasized that the information was disclosed to raise awareness about the problem that today's companies do not care about users' privacy at the expected level.

Meanwhile, on the other unrelated website designed search engine that compares user names with inscribed data from SnapchatDB!. From Snapchat released a statement in which they emphasized that the exploitation of security holes is theoretically possible and that they have already implemented additional security measures to solve these problems.

[Ed - is anyone really surprised by any of this? Lately it seems that security is the last thing on developers minds, especially when it comes to mobile apps...]

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