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Earlier today we covered the leak of Microsoft source code by the Lapsus$ group. The group leaked a portion of the data they claim to have stolen in the form of a 37GB dump. This dump has added to the source code they have stolen and released from companies like NVIDIA and Samsung. Lapsus$ has a pattern of compromising an organization, stealing data and then demanding money to not release the information, only to release the information anyway.

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The latest report from the ITRC (Identity Theft Resource Center) has been released and it shows us some sadly unsurprising data. According to the report, 2021 data compromises are up 68% (1,862) compared to 2020 numbers and 23% higher than the highest year on record 2017 (1,506). The report adds that compromise of sensitive personal data is also up but has not topped 2017 as the record year for that type of data loss. Attack trends have changed slightly with attackers appearing to target specific data rather than just trying to dump everything. This has led to an overall reduction in the total number of actual victims while the number of repeat victims is still very high.

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Gasp! There has been another published attack on the TOR Project. This time the attack and compromise technique comes from the gang at Princeton. The Princeton team claims that their new methods are around 95% successful and only require traffic in one direction. The information that they have presented is interesting and certainly could be used to grab information from users of the anonymous service, but it is not really new and not surprising to hear about.

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