Thursday09 February 2023

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win8logoredesignedSomeone accidentally let information slip about the next release of Microsoft’s cloud pushing operating system, Windows 8. According to many sources popping up today we should have already seen the links go live to the new preview. The problem is that none of this has happened. Originally when we heard the timing for the next consumer preview release it was around 4th-6th of June. This would put it in the first full week of June.

UPDATE 05/31/2012 16:39 EST
The links are live now

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win8logoredesignedSo after our look at the installation of Windows 8 on our Asus EEE Slate EP 121 we have gotten through the mess of installing drivers that are not meant for our device and getting some basic applications installed. We are now ready to take a look at the Metro UI and some of the features built into the Windows 8 platform. Let’s kick off with how fast this new OS starts up from a cold boot.

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