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Thursday, 04 May 2023 12:26

Who do you trust with AI? Well… No One

The other day while wading through the sludge that is the internet, I stumbled across a poll on Twitter asking the binary question “Who do you trust more with AI; Bill Gates or Elon Musk?” This led to a fun few hours diving deeper into that particular rabbit hole. I stumbled across articles where Bill Gates talks about AI via interviews as well as some interviews of Elon where he disparages Gates’ grasp on AI. Like I said, fun.

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Warfare has changed little over its centuries of existence. The tools have changes, the arenas have moved from two dimensions to 3, but the concepts and execution area basically the same. You need to not only assault and occupy ground, but you must stop organized response of whoever you are attacking or defending from. If you can successfully confuse or disrupt their attack/defense, then you gain a tactical advantage on the battlefield. With the Russian invasion of Ukraine this was very clear as the country was hit with multiple cyber attacks prior to the ground assault.

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There are a lot of people comparing a great innovator and visionary Elon Musk with famous hero from comics and movies Tony Stark (Iron Man). After introducing the revolutionary supersonic Hyperloop train that could one day completely change the system of transport, Musk on his Twitter profile revealed that he and his team from SpaceX "figured out how to design rocket parts just whand movement through the air."

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