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Snapchat lately came under criticism after it was revealed that their services are not entirely what they appear. The case went before the U.S. Trade Commission, which has accused the company that messages sent via Snapchat can easily be saved even though the application claims that they are only temporary.

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After having their ideas shot down by popular displeasure the Copyright lobbyists are now trying to make aggressive tactics ok. They have put together a report on the state of American Intellectual property theft and have managed to build up some of the old boogeymen like they always do. This time, they are starting to make more open suggestions about fighting fire with fire. In the past these reports have always centered on the commercial market and the state of individual piracy, product copying and other more economic concepts. These were enough to get higher mandatory fines, to criminalize certain fair use tactics and more. Now by subtly changing the report to show highlight the national security aspect the industry hopes to be given considerably more power to act.

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Apple was found guilty of infringing on the copyright of three Chinese authors by allowing their books to be purchased through iTunes. The Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court found that Apple should have known the books were protected under copyright and not posted them. This was even more true considering that one of the plaintiffs, Mai Jia has works that have been on the Best Seller lists in China.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 05:55

THX sues Apple over speakers in their devices


THX has a patent titled "Narrow profile speaker configurations and systems", which they received in the 2008. Now they have concluded that in Apple's iPhone, iMac and iPad they used solution provided by this patent without permission, so, logically, have launched a lawsuit against Apple, because Apple inflicted damage with that move. The lawsuits seek monetary damages or payment of licenses, and that the court force Apple to stop violation of THX's patent.

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