Friday30 September 2022

Almost every smartphone manufacturer lies about benchmark tests

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AnandTech did a research on benchmark tests for mobile phones, and when they finished with analysing data which was collected from July to September this year, confirmation came that almost every manufacturer of smart devices cheats when performing benchmark tests.

It is quite normal for Samsung to get caught from time to time while "fixin" the scores of the benchmark tests. The latest reported case was concerning the Galaxy Note 3 for which it was noted that depending on the type of test it can achieve 20-50% better results. However, not only Samsung is involved in this game of fixing results, LG, HTC and Asus phones also increase the clock speed of the processor when the device  "notices" that the benchmark tests is running.

The only ones who are not caught up in fixing the clock speed of processors and end results of benchmark tests, are the Nexus and the newer versions of Motorola smart devices. In the end, question is how much are these benchmark tests needed when manufacturers are misleading future users with fixed results.
[Ed - it is nice to finally see someone take a look at all phones instead of the overly biased reports and articles that we have seen in the recent past. It does not exucse the practice, but it shows a very bad market trend to manipulte the numbers and performance information available to the general public even when the tests are run by indpendent groups. From what we have heard from companies that buld the tests it is almost impossible to stop this type of behavior from their end and it is up to the manufacturers to be honest in the way they code their applications...]

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