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Is Samsung mixing numbers of deliveries and sales once again?

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Although only a day earlier information appeared about catastrophic poor sales of Samsung's smart watch, the company made a statement to deny those rumors. Sales are according to them going 16 times better than it was previously announced.

Specifically, the newspaper Business Korea yesterday published information from Korean sources on how Samsung Gear was sold in only 50,000 copies. But Samsung came with a response and for Reuters claim that the number of devices sold worldwide exceeded 800,000 copies. The result was far better than expected and Galaxy Gear is the best selling device in its class.

It would not be the first time that Samsung mixed terms "delivery" and "sales", so it is not clear whether the mentioned data relates to the deliveries of the distributors or the actual sales to end customers. Rumors of a 30% being returned by customers were not officially commented by Samsung.

[Ed - oddly enough Apple, Microsoft and most other companies use the same misleading terms. It is wrong for anyone to to this, but appears to be a very common tactic to present bad sales numbers as good.]

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