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New streaming service coming from BitTorrent - Updated 02-19-2014

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The company BitTorrent, which is behind the eponymous popular protocol for file sharing, will soon introduce a mobile application for streaming of content. The application represents the company's latest attempt to show themselves in a good light as a provider of legal services.

The application called BitTorrent Live uses the BitTorrent protocol that allows streaming of live content. Users who monitor broadcasted content become part of a sort of chain that is created by the application and protocol, and then the viewers themselves transfer the content they are watching to others.

The application is currently in the limited testing phase. So far it is not known when the application will be officially available for users nor on which platforms. The only thing known is that when it is available to a wider audience it will remain in the alpha stage of development to be further tested, but at the same time accessible to more interested users.

*** 02-19-2014 -  Updated, we have recieved some additional information from BitTorrent. It seems they have not actually announced the name of the application yet. It is the protocol that is called BitTorrent Live. This new protocl is designed to address some of the issues that exist in current video streaming protocols and services on the internet. There is no word on if the new application will be released in the standard Alpha/Beta format or if it will hit as a full application. We will update you on any new information we get.***

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