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There is a twisted and flawed logic to the copyright industry. They seem to think that they can hold anyone they want accountable for breaking laws. It does not matter if that person is responsible or not, they want to be able to get money from them in the hopes that they will be able to blackmail them into joining their campaign. We have seen copyright groups go after internet service providers (ISPs) content service providers (YouTube) and even force massive takedowns to get what they want. Now, we are seeing a new level of Hubris. A Copyright group is going after a government.

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Sunday, 06 April 2014 21:29

Office for iPad marks 12 million downloads

Immediately after the launch of Office for iPad, four applications of this package have reached the top spot by the popularity on the App Store. And with the arrival of new data it seems that the number of downloads is constantly increasing.

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The internet is awash with articles about the Defense Distributed Liberator and how the US Government had the plans pulled from the internet. Some of the articles are for the decision and others are very much against it. The funny thing is that both sides have a point, but neither have been very good at conveying them. On the one hand information should be freely shared, but the sharing should stop when it opens up the potential for injury.

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March 31st was a very important day for anyone that likes to watch tv-series. You could see the finale of The Walking Dead third season, and first episode of the third season of the series Game of Thrones. After the official presentation on Saturday GoT reached the milestone of one million illegal copies in just two days.

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Sunday, 30 December 2012 11:56

The most pirated movies of 2012


Among the various charts that are published at the end of each year, the piracy scene also has its own. Among other things, in the domain of the TV series the most pirated one was Game of Thrones. The most used torrent sharing site is, as expected, The Pirate Bay followed by Torrentz and Kick Ass Torrents.

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