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Remember that pesky anti-trust suit that Apple faced over fixing eBook prices with publishers? Well if not, let me remind you. When Apple brought their eBook store to iOS they knew they were facing an uphill battle against Amazon. To counter this they worked out a deal with several publishers to fix prices at a certain level and also to guarantee that they got the best prices along with a few exclusive books. They were found guilty of this and are supposed to be making amends for it along with having a watchdog looking over their shoulders.

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Monday, 09 December 2013 06:13

Spotify starts free music streaming service

Subscription streaming music service Spotify will soon launch a new free service for streaming music, which will be financed through advertising.

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Friday, 04 January 2013 20:23

Belkin’s wireless music streaming receiver


Belkin has released a handy addition for those who want the option of wireless streaming of music in their homes. Belkin HD Bluetooth Music Receiver is a tiny device designed to add features of Bluetooth streaming music from your smart phone or tablet to your existing audio system.

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Listener Approved is a new company with the goal of promoting the private music industry. Artists of all ages, genres, creeds, and backgrounds can use this platform to publish their music, allow others to listen to it, and receive feedback on it. The Listener Approved application is linkable with all major social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I would dare say that Listener Approved is on the way to becoming “the” social music application.

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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 16:52

Nokia starts free music streaming service, again


Despite Nokia's failure with Ovi Music Unlimited they have decided to give their music streaming aspirations a second chance, so Lumia users will be able to listen streaming music for free. The service was available in Europe since last year and now it will be available in US too. The music service will be completely ad-free, and music will be picked and kept up to date by an expert team of US musicologists. It will offer 150 exclusive playlists so everyone will find something they like. This announcement comes days before they will have news event with Microsoft in which they are expected to launch one or more WP8 smartphones.

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