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T-Mobile has disclosed their second breach of 2023. According to the mobile provider a threat actor gained access to their systems in February and was not detected until March. This allowed the attacker access to a small amount of customer data, 836 records. T-Mobile is stating that the data did not contain financial information, but it did contain enough Personally Identifying Information (PII) that the affected customers are exposed to identity theft.

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Monday, 08 April 2013 05:58

Audi collaborates with T-mobile

Audi connect

Audi provides an interesting Wi-Fi hotspot service to the buyers of their vehicles, made in collaboration with T-Mobile. Audi Connect Wi-Fi hotspot allows passengers to connect to the Internet while driving and give them access to news, weather, Google Earth and Google Voice Local Search through integrated applications within Audi LCD screens in vehicles.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012 20:47

Sprint releases the Samsung Note 2

Samsung Note 2

If you have been waiting for the Samsung Note 2, wait no more! Sprint and T-Mobile are now both offering the 16GB version of the Titanium Gray or White Note 2. Both of these providers technically have unlimited data, and they are both the only way to get the Note 2 at this time.

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T-Mobile announced that Samsung Galaxy S3 is their best-selling mobile device of all time. This is another confirmation of its true quality and desirability by consumers. Of course this doesn’t mean much to T-Mobile, but it certainly does to Samsung in their race with other smartphones, mainly the iPhone. No official number of devices sold has been announced yet, but considering that T-Mobile is not as big as other carriers it's sure that they are not the leading seller.

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TransformerSo Asus has released the specifications of their next generation Transformers and as we told you they are not getting rid of the Tegra 3 for their HD version of the popular tablet. The original rumor was that Asus was replacing the Tegra 3 for a Qualcomm SoC. In truth we find that Asus is entering the realm of cellular tablets.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 19:43

Karma pays a visit to AT&T

ATTKarma is a bitch they say and there are times when that is perfectly the case. The FCC was blocked from enforcing a level of net neutrality and also in its attempts to prevent carriers and ISPs overstepping their bounds as service providers. The block came from some of the heavyweights in the industry with AT&T being one of the gang that jumped the FCC and made statements to the effect that the FCC had no authority to enforce any regulations.

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ATTNot all that long ago AT&T announced that it had plans to merge (buy) wireless company T-Mobile. This was not terribly shocking news as T-Mobile is one of the only competitors in the market that is using the same GSM technology. In fact when the first unlocks hit the iPhone many potential AT&T customers fled to T-Mobile as an alternative.  As you can imagine, AT&T would like to put a stop to things like this. So they plan to buy up the other half of the GSM market in the US.

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